PWFO – knowledge is free – take what you need.

Uncategorized Sep 16, 2019

Matching one's full-time occupation for full reward is a significant challenge in most walks of life. At any given time, a high percentage of employees are looking to change jobs. On the other hand, in surveys ran by McKinsey, 75% of companies said they had insufficient quality employees sometimes and all said they were chronically short of talent across the board. (Out of our minds by Sir Ken Robinson).

When it comes to professional development, most employees will not trust employers to provide adequate training. Employers are reluctant to invest in developing in-house talents for fear will likely benefit the competition.

So how to solve this mismatch: employees could take their learning needs in hand as knowledge is free and is there to be taken. 

But a change in one's career/life will only happen if :

1) one is enthusiastic about it. Unless one is interested in improving oneself and attaining success, no amount of seminars or reading will change anything.

2) one...

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PWFO – learn from the past.

Uncategorized Sep 13, 2019

History tells us that many of those who structured education did it for their own benefits and for the industrial world they were creating. I like to believe that most encouraged teaching and learning for altruistic reasons.

As for works, during the 19th century, the factory system gradually replaced the network of people working in their own homes or in small workshops.

History is repeating itself as in "Ghost Work," Mary Gray and Siddharth Suri forecast that, what they call "on-demand work," will reach 60% of the global workforce by 2055.

The reason is that employers prefer on-demand workers because they can save on employment costs.

The downside is that workers now end up with little access to legal protections, security, and pension, associated with formal employment.

However, in the same way, the internet has provided solutions that have created these new types of occupations, workers can organise themselves through communities. One route is the creation of communities...

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PWFO – Education plus Learning! The revolution is only starting.

Uncategorized Sep 12, 2019

A tutor imparts education, whereas an individual learns from his surroundings. Learning is knowledge gained through experience, and education is knowledge gained through teaching. Education can be said to be well organised, whereas learning is related to an individual's perception. (ResearchGate).

 The traditional teaching methods are reaching their limits in most developed countries. As internet accesses pass the 50% mark, the majority of new users of online facilities will be from the developing world. This will accelerate the already speeding changes taking place in all facets of life. The new users will change the internet, and the internet will change them. (The Economist).

We can either agonise about the upcoming changes or accept that it is unlikely we can prevent these changes from affecting our lives anyway. So let us make sure we and get our children, to build on the literacy and numeracy we gained...

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PWFO – According to Finland: Education is not about jobs but about life!

Uncategorized Sep 11, 2019

Finland's education system has evolved to become the best in the world and nation the happiest in the world?

What did they do differently? Find out in this post by the World Economic Forum.

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PWFO – Personal sustainability.

Uncategorized Sep 10, 2019

Financial education is essential nowadays. To create a sustainable world, one must have a sustainable future for oneself and family. Better understanding finance will have a profound impact on one's ability to generate sufficient wealth and create a sustainable future. The first rule to becoming financially secure is to incorporate it in your lifetime objectives: If you are already financially secured, then think about protecting that security to pass it on. If you have yet to achieve your financial security, then start NOW.

Though my focus is more linked to finance, sustainability also include health and relationships. This linked-in article gives more explanation.

Join and

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PWFO – Experience vs Education

Uncategorized Aug 28, 2019

Is experience better than education?

It is not simple question.

Without my secondary education, I would not have got the tertiary education and membership of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. Over the years, I continued learning and never stopped asking what the persons I reported to expect from me. I reached the position of CFO in a Private Bank.

Education in all its form has taken billions out of poverty and will continue to do so. Whether it be primary, secondary, or university, getting a certificate, a diploma, or a degree is essential.

Besides the education background, more employers nowadays are looking at a person's experience. "A survey by recruitment specialists Universum* found that 58% of leading employers value work experience among graduates more than grades or the name of their university."

Many degrees now include a work experience part while at the other end, many colleges now offer "work and life experience" degree programs. "An accredited life experience...

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PWFO – learning: AI, robots, algorithm and jobs

Uncategorized Aug 27, 2019

As a Chartered Accountant in financial services, I invested time in continuous learning. I made technology my friend be it the mechanical calculator to the electronic one. Then with the arrival of the spreadsheet, database, and intelligent business tools, I was able to deliver more accurate data faster and was able to project ahead.

Management, CEOs, the Board, Banks owners loved it, and I got promoted when in employment and was handsomely paid when running my Family office practice.

Now with AI, Robots, and algorithm, it is said: "they are already here, your job is next." Watch the clip:

However, the reality is that nobody can be sure about the future.

History has shown that technology has been good at creating new exciting and better-paying jobs; destroying low-skilled job.

So the challenge is to continuously look at innovating, at being trained and formed so each one can move up to higher value jobs. One should not wait for the...

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PWFO – learning: technology and jobs.

Uncategorized Aug 26, 2019

"50% of what we teach you over the next five years will be wrong, or inaccurate. Sadly, we don't know which 50%." This is a phrase which often gets aired at the welcoming lecture to medical schools.

It is true also of what our education system has become. It is not entirely in tune with the reality of the job market. However, what we have is still a must for every child for their primary and secondary educations.

It is post-secondary where it is becoming more complicated as technology is dramatically shifting the order of things as we knew it; much faster.

If we consider the jobs market that we want to prepare our children, then we need to understand with them, how technology is transforming the business landscape.

With acceleration in technology, the transformation to the business landscape is major and affects everyone; though some changes are minor others are at a reasonably large scale. In some sectors, the whole process of business has changed, and in other cases, entire...

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Learning new skills is not enough to stay ahead. We are now encouraged to unlearn old ones.

Uncategorized Aug 22, 2019


PWFO – learning and unlearning!

For centuries education has taken millions and possibly billions to a better life. Society has continued to educate, form and train new entrants into businesses and the job markets based on what succeeded in the past.

The acceleration of digital transformation means that the goal posts continue to be moved and the problem is that we do not even know what the medium to long term future holds for any of us.

But the reality is that those who have been successful throughout history had figured out that to succeed they needed to continuously learn new ways, unlearn old habits, use technology wherever there were benefits to be gained. They did not wait for management gurus to tell them this……………………they just knew.

In fact, Darwin was spot on when he wrote "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change."

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PWFO - Financial literacy with compassion to all!

Uncategorized Aug 21, 2019

The mission of the Private Wealth and Family Office is Financial Security for all through education and training.

 To-day is very important (Christians celebrate Easter - when Jesus rose to heaven, Jews celebrate Passover when they were freed from slavery, and coincidently this year Moslems celebrate Shab-e-Barat which means the night of forgiveness, or Day of Atonement when one can ask forgiveness for sins).

 Also sadly, earlier this week, we all saw or read about “an edifice built for the glory of God which also represents the unity of the human spirit” (The Economist) caught fire and was partially destroyed. Notre Dame de Paris.

 It made me think what will be the point of Financial security if there is nothing for our children and ourselves to enjoy from what nature gave us and to what our ancestors and leaders built.

 Many have shared posts of dying babies, famine and destructions around the world through conflicts or just ethnic cleansing. Or...

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