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High-Impact  Training Programme for Professionals

Enhance your professionalism with the key skills and techniques needed to succeed in the world of independent Wealth & Family Office Solutions.

50-70 hours

Training - Online 

12 x 30 minute

Weekly sessions

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For the professionals who are experiencing and facing uncertainty in their careers... 

As you know, there are massive issues with your career prospects. You have to take action now. 

Let us break it down

► You've been told that not all professionals are qualified (or regulated) to provide financial services.

► You've been told that only big banks or financial experts understands private wealth management and financial services.

► You should stick to your only one area of expertise (such as tax, compliance, audit, law) and train yourself accordingly.

► You need to get a relevant qualification from one of the traditional bodies or the 'Big 4'.

These are myths that have been created and continues to be propagated by a 'system' that sucks up billions every year. 

Unlike the traditional professional career paths that offer you 'the best' theoretical qualifications.

We propose an alternative practical training solution that will:

  • Build on your existing professional experience
  • Provide you with the guidance and confidence to launch into this very rewarding private wealth & family office sector
  • Allow you to start practicing immediately
  • Give you the practical workshop experience that has been developed by an accountant who has actually done it

Forget everything that you think you know about Wealth Management, Financial Services and Accounting.


It's time to change your mindset and clarifying some myths:

  1. As a professional you do not need to be regulated or licenced to provide wealth or family office services.
  2. Due to excessive profits and transparency, the 'System' as it is, definetely do not want any more professional in this industry.
  3. Accountants providing traditional accounting services will be increasingly squeezed out top down by the 'Big 4', AI and globalization.

How do we know? Because this is what we do and have been doing it over the past 20 years.  

And we want need you to join us. 

What You'll Learn


✔️ Master the proven 7-key step process used by the professionals to attract, secure and retain private wealth & family office clients in 2020 and beyond.

✔️ Experience the practical applications of the work with the project-based learning approach.

✔️ Move into a blue ocean that is perfect for professional accountants.

✔️ Throw away the theory and learn the reality of how the system really works - The benefits of a single vs multi-family office, licencing and regulatory concerns, the role of private and public banks, etc.

✔️ Discover step by step exactly how a professional accountant was able to use his skills to build a lucrative business servicing HNWI's, UHNWI's, families, family offices, private banks, etc.



The full curriculum

Meet your Trainer


Ayoob Rawat is an international Chartered Accountant with over 40 years' experience in banking and finance. He is the Swiss contact member for the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAEW) in England and Wales, for which he was nominated its first Chairman.

Over the last 25 years, he has safeguarded more than $30B in assets of Private Banking Families, Ultra and High Net Worth Individuals, Entrepreneurs and Private Clients first as CFO of a Swiss Private Bank; a single-family office and then as a multi-family office practitioner. 




Owner of Private Bank

Looking to protect my investments and looking after my tax affairs.

I have been particularly impressed with his knowledge of the investment world and how to support and protect investors.

I have no hesitation in recommending Ayoob Rawat as a trainer to anyone looking to learn Private Wealth and Family Office Services.


Family Office

We are a family investment company in Israel. Training more professionals to support families and private clients will benefit offices like ours.

The initiative to share the knowledge and experience on a broader scale can only help in wealth creation and protection and we wish them all the best in this project.


Certified Accountant

I absolutely enjoyed taking the PWFO course!

Mr. Ayoob Rawat was engaging and did an incredible job explaining the course material, providing additional reading material, and included real-life examples and scenarios to further my knowledge throughout the course.

I would definitely recommend it to any persons interested in venturing into or advancing in the Family Office business.

How will this Programme be a Game-Changer for You?


You will have the skills and confidence to:


🎯 Go for that new job or opportunity and increase your income


🎯 Acquire new higher margin clients


🎯 Provide new high value services to your current clients


🎯 Market new high-value services


🎯 Really protect your clients against the bullshit system


🎯 Boost your career to the next level

Potential Career Routes for Accountants:-

  • Head hunted into the Finance department (up to CFO or CEO!) of a bank,  financial services firm, fund, hedge fund, trust or organisation.
  • B2B consultant to banks, professionals, financial services firms, funds, hedge funds, trusts and organisations.
  • Open up and develop a Private Wealth and/or Family Office division within your firm. 
  • Setup and manage a single-Family Office for a High or Ultra High Net Worth Individual or Family.
  • Setup and manage a multi-Family Office.  
  • Offer add-on professional CFO services to investment managers and firms. 

Everything You Need To Take Your Career To The Next Level.

Full Programme

ChF 2,400

  • Access to the online platform
  • 12 modules complete with content, multiple choice questions and project based learning exercises
  • 12 x 30 minute weekly sessions with one of our trainers/coach.
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