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Developing a Successful Wealth Services or Family Office Practice


Whether you want to start a business, or extend your current business services to offer wealth and family office services, this program will allow you to explore the seven core Swiss Standard process to successful deliver those services.

For the professionals who want to successfully operate a Swiss Standard Private Wealth and Family Office Services practice.


What You'll Learn


✔️ Master the 7 core process cycle to successfully operate a Swiss Standard Private Wealth and Family Office Service Practice.


✔️ Apply the 7 core process cycle through a practical real life case subject of your choice.


✔️ Re-channel information gathered of your subject to provide meaningful reports to the subject.


✔️Assess the risk profile of your subject through risk assessment tools.


✔️Rebalance the portfolio of your subject through the matching analysis process.


✔️Recording, monitor and reporting on subject's portfolio.


The Program Framework 




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The Program Introduction/ Framework

Everything You Need to Successfully Operate a Swiss Standard Private Wealth and Family Office Services Practice

Developing a Successful Private Wealth and Family Office Services Practice

CHF 1400.00

The Full Program


The Swiss Association supporting professionals joining and navigating the blue ocean that is Private Wealth & Family Office services. 


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