Belinda Wong

Hong Kong

Belinda Wong is the Director of Leader Corporate Services Limited and the Manager of the start-up China Club. She is also the author of ‘Hong Kong Company Secretary’s Practice Manual’ and ‘Hong Kong Company Secretary Checklist’. She is also a frequent speaker at seminars organised by professional bodies.



Adrien Cassaigneau

Film Financing

Adrien is currently the Chief Executive Officer of World Oak Pictures, LLC.

Adrien has over two decades of diversified practice in global film financing. Adrian provides services that facilitate the deal-making process involved in film financing.




Rams Barathy

Wealth/Asset Management

Rams Barathy, MBA, MS (Comp.Sci)

Rams is the CEO of Future Wealth & Technologies GmbH.

He has extensive experience across different asset classes and has developed many algorithms, AI models and systems for investing and trading.



Sebastian De Bono

Cyber Security & Intel

Sebastian - the founder and CEO of Armour Intel - is an expert in the business intelligence space.

Sebastian will be sharing his knowledge and experience on a range of topics from cyber criminality to private intelligence




Christian Kingombe

Impact Investing

Dr. Christian Kingombe has written more than 100 articles, working papers, book chapters, reports, policy briefs, newsletter/paper articles and blogs on impact investing.





Denise Pitot

Business Networking

Denise is the founder of Mauritius Business Networking (Mauritius) since 5 years. She is an avid networker, having been introduced to the concept around 20 years ago. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Daniel Ahlers

Coaching & Leadership Development

Daniel Ahlers is a Certified Professional Integral Coach®, experienced facilitator and a Managing Partner and Director of both the Centre for Coaching (Switzerland) and CfC Consulting (Europe). He is originally South African and works in both English and French. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Richard Edney

Private Clients

Richard is an experienced and trusted financial services professional who helps clients explore the art of the possible to make it the probable when it comes to planning their future. He is equally at home advising private individuals, families and businesses: creating a financial plan against which progress is continually tracked through a confidential ongoing advisory service. --------------------------------


Qais Hamza

Financial Planning

Qais is a Financial Planning executive with extensive experience in institutional and sovereign wealth advisory service, seeking new clients for advisory and planning support.



Saket Jhajharia

Synthetic Biology

Saket has a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and a PhD in Immunology and Microbiology from Singapore.
He holds a broad set of analytical, technical and financial skills.



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