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Our Vision

Practical based education for business builders to succeed with or without a degree.

We encourage getting a degree though!

Our Mission

Enhance the business opportunities of entrepreneurs in Finance and Financial Services. The Entrepreneurs get support from our partners in learning and our thought leaders with knowledge, advice, mentoring. The Entrepreneurs are empowered with the skills required to succeed; by working on their own projects or on PWFO projects.

Become a go to place for Angel Investors looking for entrepreneurs and for PMEs seeking to grow through merger and acquisitions.

Who will benefit

Anybody motivated to build a business and be self-employed:

  • Students at universities, colleges, business schools,
  • Employees stuck below C-Suite,
  • Those who  just need a break and be their own boss.

They will be supported by PWFO sharing with them knowledge, advice, mentoring and empowering them with the skills required to succeed.

  • Candidates who know what business they intend developing.
  • Candidates who want to develop a business to become self-employed in partnership with PWFO.

In both situation enthusiasms, optimism and the allocation of the necessary time that you will need to complete the course are the keys for aspirants to succeed.

After completion of the course,

  • Those who had their idea in mind, will have founded their business.
  • Those who had been training with PWFO, will be entitled to become self-employed under the PWFO Label.

PWFO has over 1,000 approved members on Linked-in and Facebook, 10 Thought Leaders, 10 Partners-in-Learning all bringing their experience to the to the aspirants succeeding.

The Compensation

PWFO gives the budding entrepreneur the opportunity and support on:

  • exploring and developing his idea,
  • learning new skills,
  • developing and achieving learning goals.
  • connecting successful business persons to listen and comment on the pitches of the entrepreneurs.
  • creating Business Canvas.
  • having own repository of working documents.
  • sourcing 3rd party service suppliers.
  • training on an all-in platform for social media marketing.
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The Reason

What PWFO is constructing is innovative for the new generation as the world and the job market, specially in Financial Services, change at such a fast pace. It is not intended to replace Universities or discourage students from getting a degree. It is to give more the confidence to become self-employed by starting their own businesses.

We are giving the aspirant real-world experience that will enable him/her to put what he/she has learned into practice. Our program, fully supported by PWFO Thought Leaders and Partners-in-Learning, allows the student to work in a structured environment without the pressure but with the discipline to deliver. 

We want to give the student a self-paced nomad way of gaining a relevant real situation experience. The program uses an up-to-date E-Learning system without making technology dictate to the students or enslaving them to its agenda.

Together we want to support the student to use technology as a tool and not the other way round.

 The objective is for the young person and maybe not so young as well to gain practical knowledge, understand personal resilience, emotional intelligence, and other soft skills. Together with our panel of Thought Leaders we aggregate knowledge in many sub-sectors of financial services. The Thought Leaders have practical experience with the same passion that we have, that is, to share knowledge with the students.

PWFO will be developing, enhancing and nurturing talent for greater heights of success and productivity.



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