Private Wealth & Family Office Swiss Certified (PWFO) is an Association that supports & promotes professionals of multi and single family offices, asset managers and other professionals, with highly efficient practice-oriented education and consultancy services.

You are a professional of financial services who have practical experience careering or running your business. You are looking to progress in your career or grow your business.

As a Thought Leader you are someone who offers guidance and insight to those around you, building positive reputation of helping others with your knowledge and insight.

The growth strategy of PWFO encompasses different initiatives. One of them is the Thought Leader approach that aims to appoint and promote professionals of financial services who have practical experience and who will join and support PWFO in its mission.

PWFO Swiss Certified is looking to appoint high level professionals wanting to play an important role in founding a world leading designation-granting, members-benefit Association for Professionals of Private Wealth & Family Office.

PWFO would like to invite you to become such a Thought Leader.

The selected Thought Leaders will be knowledgeable in a particular field within the financial sector. Once the subject that The Thought Leader will be covering for the Association has been agreed, it will be exclusive.

Some examples of possible subjects that a Thought Leader could agree to cover upon joining PWFO: 

Software Solutions, Accountancy, Audit & Tax, Private Wealth, Financial Planning, Legal, Wealth & Asset Management, Entrepreneurship, Family Office, Impact Investing, Block chain, Real-Estate, Crypto Currency,

Regions: Hong-Kong, Africa etc,


PWFO will post and promote the Thought Leader’s content and logo on its website and social media platforms so that the Thought Leader can :

  • accomplish more noteworthy industry-wide presence to develop his/her brand,
  • assemble and add to reputable and knowledgeable first level contacts and
  • keep and share up to date improvements and opportunities from the industry.

Once the subject is agreed, the commitments of the Thought Leader will be:

  • To provide a minimum of one piece of content every two months on the agreed subject. This could be new or existing or promotional content, but really should be engaging,
  • Engage daily on social media with inter actions that demonstrate that the TL supports PWFO and the other Thought Leaders in the Program by “share” or “like” or comment, responding to Emails and discussions group,
  • Encourage your contacts to also engage on the PWFO’s publications,
  • Participate in mentoring one PWFO aspirant Entrepreneur over 4 sessions of 30 mins and
  • Participate in 1 panel of an hour every 6 months to consider the Business Plan of an aspirant Entrepreneur.

Should you be interested to find out more, book a call with us by writing to [email protected].

Register to Become a Thought Leader in your Field of Expertise

After completing the form, you will receive an email with a draft contract agreement attached and you will also be requested to send us your cv. 

Once we have reviewed your information, we will contact you.