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JULY 2021 

How can I make money as a Private Wealth & Family Office Practitioner?

By Ayoob Rawat & Kabir Rawat


As can be imagined the management of more than $300 Trillion of wealth is a huge for-profit business. 

Except when there is a profit it is shared with the bank and asset managers but when there is a loss it is for the private client alone to bear. 

This is one of the reasons we quit banking and financial services. Another reason was the costs that people end up actually paying.


Unlike other industries, most people haven’t a clue most of the time as to what, when and how much they are paying for the services being provided. Another point of confusion is statements about performance. They are not measured in a standard way.

If only the charges and performance were standardised and transparent a bit like the Big Mac Index invented by The Economist in 1986 as a light-hearted guide to whether currencies are at their “correct” level. 

There seem to be regular and irregular attempts made by different service providers, supervisors, and regulators to standardise charges. For example, the Retail Distribution Review in the UK.


βœ… Costs matters in wealth management 

Costs matters in wealth management as the higher the costs, the less the paying clients end up having for themselves and over time that drains the value of their holdings. 


As data become available to each one of us, unlike before, we are all now more sensitive and realise that like any other item that we consume, we can shop around. 

The availability of low costs products cutting across all types of investment and in a variety of currencies will change wealth management fundamentally for the benefit of the end client. 



«Economic Focus» : le « Family Office », un produit d'avenir dans le porte-feuille financier du pays.


A conference done by Defimedia group on how can Family Office help the Economy!


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