Finding Work as An Experienced White-Collar Worker

Finding Work as An Experienced White-Collar Worker
JUNE 2021 

Finding Work as An Experienced White-Collar Worker

Finding a job is a process all of us must go through at one stage of our lives or another. It is oftentimes stressful, entirely subjective based on our career field, and can sometimes be one of the biggest decisions you have to make in your life.

It should be of no surprise then that even experienced white-collar professionals can sometimes face challenges and distinct advantages, unique to their age and experience bracket. The job market is a dynamic and ever-changing entity, and in today’s modern world the criteria for a successful job applicant can shift quickly. 


βœ…Here is how to find work In The World Of Emerging Tech. 

Perhaps the biggest change facing experienced workers in their search for jobs, and indeed one of the biggest determining factors of the job market overall, is the world of emerging tech. Not too long ago, occupations were commonly acquired by handshakes, dropping off your resume in-store, knowing a friend of a friend, or simply cold-calling a business to offer your employees.


Instead, the business world and the job market (including an experienced white-collar worker’s opportunity to find a job) have become dictated by technology: online job listings and smartphone apps have become the go-to platforms for finding relevant opportunities. Emails and LinkedIn profiles have become mandatory for a successful professional. Online job listings and profile platforms such as LinkedIn make the process of networking with other professionals and transitioning from in-house to outside hire relatively easy and pain-free.


The top 5 countries based on education rankings

Education levels vary between countries based on their degree of development which directly affects the education quality whilst more developed countries have higher literacy rates than others. Education is a human right that impacts human, social and economic development, promoting awareness about sensitive issues and life opportunities.


The top 5 countries based on education rankings are:

• The United Kingdom

• The United States

• Canada

• Germany

• France

What do you think makes them the best educational entity? πŸŽ“ 


«Economic Focus» : le « Family Office », un produit d'avenir dans le porte-feuille financier du pays.


A conference done by Defimedia group on how can Family Office help the Economy!


βœ… Click here to watch the video πŸ™‚

  • The Wealth Game - (Mapping) Your Journey to Financial Security Program coming soon.

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