Is doing a Health check, regularly, enough to lead a satisfying life?

Sep 17, 2020

We all know that to lead a good life one needs to be in good health. But there is something else you need besides Health?

It is Wealth! Forget what you have been told that money does not make happiness.

“In recent decades, having more money has become increasingly associated with greater happiness.  The Expanding Class Divide in Happiness in the United States, 1972—2016, found that among people age 30 and older, the correlation between income and happiness has steadily risen over the years.”

Without sufficient wealth, your health and that of your family will be affected. The same way you plan regular health checks, get yourself a wealth check.

Not just your bank balance and pension but also your lifetime cash flow and how it fits with your goals and aspirations.

You can do your own Wealth Check. I will share templates for free so you will know how Wealthy you are.


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