Newsletter 6 - December 2022

PWFO is a members-benefit,designation-granting Association for Finance Professional serving Families and Private Clients. One of the benefits it provides to senior Members is assembling Thought Leaders with expertise in a specific domain of financial services. They publish articles to offer PWFO Members guidance and insight in their field of expertise.

In 2022
PWFO has achieved a good balance of expert Thought Leaders. Each has been publishing exclusive articles that have generated some "thoughts" provoking discussions by our members.

A few Thought Leaders supported the PWFO Entrepreneurship program by joining a panel to review the business plan of students launching their start-ups.

For 2023
While we will continue to benefit from our Thought Leaders' publications in their domain of expertise, PWFO will be encouraging more regional collaborators to join Belinda Wong, PWFO Thought Leader of Hong Kong.


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For those who did not get the chance to read our November posts, here they are:

Are you an artist? Read the full article.

Change for the future.

Plan the future by being creative.

Will family businesses take over?


To reach the top, one should aim for excellence to the point where your work is viewed as art, and you are seen as the artist behind the masterpiece.

Who is an artist in the service industry?

An artist is brave, has insight, creativity, & boldness to challenge the status quo. An artist can be a software developer, a customer service rep, well, it can be anyone. Art is anything that is creative, passionate and personal.


The Entrepreneurship Program

Since we launched the program, we have had 3 aspirants who have started the program with 2 applications being processed.

One Entrepreneur is being mentored by our Impact Investing Thought Leader.

Would you be interested to mentor a student with the possibility of recruiting them after the course, have a look at the program here:

Should you be interested please write to us at [email protected]

Our Thought Leaders, Partners-in-Learning, the Governing Body and the whole Team of PWFO wish you a Healthy & Prosperous 2023


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