Newsletter 5 - November 2022

PWFO is a members-benefit,designation-granting Association for Finance Professional serving Families and Private Clients. One of the benefits it provides to senior Members is assembling Thought Leaders with expertise in a specific domain of financial services. They publish to offer PWFO Members guidance and insight in their field of expertise.

1. Unicorn Pitches China
Belinda Wong, Thought Leader for Hong Kong hosted The Unicorn Pitches China on the 10 November 2022 in front of a panel of investors and business leaders, who also voted for the presenters.
The event was of the highest standard with valuable insights from the entrepreneurs but also from the panel who asked some probing questions.

Pitching at the Unicorn Battle is absolutely FREE and is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to:
- find investments – raise money from venture funds and private investors;
- acquire practical advice from experienced venture capital professionals;
- meet new partners and clients, expand their network;
- present startups to the investment community.

The winner on the day was Solar Power Glory a Chinese start-up that is a remodeling and manufacturing start-up in the solar vehicles space to make energy affordable by all. 2nd was IPHaus and 3rd iBonus

2. Thought Leader addition
Since the last Newsletter we have had more enquiries to get an explanatory flyer. We are planning to have an interview soon.
You may be interested to share your accumulated knowledge with our members.

Find out more about the PWFO Thought Leader Program

For those who did not get the chance to read our October posts, here they are:

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Launching of the Entrepreneurship Program

Due to resource issue PWFO has decided to keep the Apprenticeship and Entrepreneurship separate. Accordingly, the Apprenticeship is being deferred for implementation at a later stage.
The focus will be on the Entrepreneurship program. We have received applications from 25 applicants and have so far selected two who are going through the second phase of the application.

Would you be interested to mentor a student with the possibility of recruiting them after the course, have a look at the program here:

Should you be interested please write to us at [email protected]


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