The incessant pressure of going on-line.

Oct 19, 2020

Your online image is your storefront.  You must already be launched now” because if I do it when the economy picks up, then I  will have missed a great chance."

This psychological pressure of having to be on-line now keeps building! Do you agree?

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Business Support Service - Outsourcing

Sep 07, 2020

What is your core strength: front, middle, or back office?
By concentrating on that core strength, you are now able to outsource everything else that will distract you from what you are good at.

These 5 Successful Companies Were Built Using Outsourced Developers: Slack, WhatsApp, Google, Alibaba, GitHub.

So why do so many still hesitate to consider outsourcing? The concern arises about intellectual capital, losing control, hassle about explaining the process. The tasks to pass on seem complicated. But if you intend succeeding and growing post-pandemic, start getting used to using business support services or outsourcing because it could mean success or failure for you and your business.

Take time to understand the benefits of outsourcing. Read about it and speak to your trusted network who have done it. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Will it accelerates my start-up period,
  • What will be the cost compared to do it myself,
  • How much time will it release for me to concentrate on other...
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Networking with passion make a big difference.

Jul 13, 2020

To help you up to develop more passion in your networking, here are some tips that are given by Itzik Amiel

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1.  Give your Attention
Your ability to show another person you want to help them is definitely an important part of building your passion attitude.

2.  Share or Die
Share information on the answer to the question ‘Why you do what you do?’; talk about the experiences that led you to your successes in life; share about things you like to do.

3.  Groom or Broom
Your outfit may alter how you approach and interact with other people.

4. Passion in internal networking
If you are interested in other people, show them your passion, they will keep ‘paying’ you back with devotion and passion for their work.

5. Harness Your Passion as a Networking Strategy
Passion is an energy that works with all feelings and emotions.

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Switzerland number 1 on the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor

Jul 10, 2020

Switzerland spearheads the rank of 54 countries that participated in the study by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor’s (GEM) latest Global Report on the ease of starting and developing a business. Located in the Western Europe region, Switzerland is centrally located benefitting from the proximity to economically strong countries such as Germany, Italy, and France.

It offers the best environment for logistical operations, capital raising, and other important business activities.

Because of this, Switzerland is a great starting point for businesses that want to enter the European market.

Switzerland is also suitable as a test market for new products or services before making the decision of conquering the rest of Europe.

Asides from its strategic location, Switzerland also has access to the European market without facing the regulatory disadvantages of the EU space.

Be serious about wanting to develop!

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Networking as the way to drive sales!

Jul 01, 2020

Networking as a way to drive sales


How to Communicate Your Value 


If you don’t make it clear why customers should choose you over those competitors, they’ll either buy from the competitor who best communicates their value or make a choice based on price alone. So how do you stand out from the competition, capture customers’ attention, and drive sales based on your value rather than your pricing? 


You must define and communicate your unique value proposition. 

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