Newsletter 4 - October 2022

PWFO is a members-benefit, designation-granting Association for Finance Professional serving Families and Private Clients. One of the benefits that it provides to senior Members is assembling Thought Leaders with expertise in a specific domain of financial services. They publish content relating to their field of expertise to offer PWFO Members guidance and insight in their field of expertise.

Our first panel of Thought Leaders are :

Belinda Wong - Hong Kong
Adrien Cassaigneau - Film Financing
Sebastian De Bono - Cyber Security & Intel
Rams Barathy - Wealth/Asset Management
Anthony Calpas - Blockchain
Matthew Schenk - Funga
Qais Hamza - Financial Planning
Saket Jhajharia - Synthetic Biology
Christian Kingombe - Impact Investing

Look out for your topic of interest from your selected PWFO Thought Leader.

PWFO is now embarking on its second wave of recruitment and if you are interested please write to [email protected] to get an explanatory flyer.

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On Saturday after reading Originals by Adam Grant, the last paragraph touched a cord with me. He raised the question of whether one should enjoy the world or improve the world! Adam Grant is an organizational psychologist, he is a leading expert on how we can find motivation and meaning, rethink assumptions, and live more generous and creative lives. He inspired me to think more about what it is all about. Here is my post:

Enjoy the world or improve the world! Make money or spend money?

The American author Elwyn Brooks White wrote:
“I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it difficult to plan the day.”

Are those two call to action mutually exclusive?

To enjoy life one must have an enjoyable occupation, a comfortable house surrounded by loved ones and be in good health. It is achievable as making it happen is in one’s hands.
Improving the world is a more complex exercise. Working for a better world is an uphill battle. In fact, by trying to improve life for others, one may need to give up some pleasure, putting one’s own peace in abeyance.

What do you think?
Which life mission do you recommend?
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Belinda Wong our PWFO Thought Leader for Hong Kong is again hosting the China Unicorn Pitches online :

Click here to watch the last event held 22nd February 2022

For more information contact Belinda:

phone: +852 9263 9292
email: [email protected]

The event is for Investor, Corporation looking for a solution or a Startup with an outstanding MVP seeking funds for the next round.

Pitching at the Unicorn Pitches / Battles is absolutely FREE and feels as a great opportunity for you to take your Startup to the next level.

Unicorn Pitches China is part of the "Unicorn Events", which is the largest global pitch competition for exponential startups that have the potential to become Unicorns.

Startups pitch LIVE to top-VCs, Corp and famous business angels that comprise a Jury that evaluates an investment potential of each startup and give their feedback and advice. Startups directly interact with all the investors during the event!

We make our investors happy! More than USD 320mm were fundraised by the startups that showcased themselves at our events.

Participation is absolutely free. Apply to the relevant event depending on your geographical location and your solution.

There are 3 types of events:

  1. Unicorn Pitches – online and offline pitch events we do together with our official partners for local startups and local investors. Winners of Unicorn Pitches pitch at Unicorn Battles without prior screening.
  2. Unicorn Battles – online pitch events for international startups form a certain continent (or group of countries) where VCs, Corporations and business angels that invest in this geography evaluate investment potential of startups. Winners pitch at Unicorn CUP.
  3. Unicorn CUP – World Finals – gala-pitch event of each season. To participate you have to win the Unicorn Battle. Only TOP VCs and famous investors participate as Judges.

You can see all our Unicorns events at this YouTube channel

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