Newsletter 3 - April 2023


PWFO is a members-benefit,designation-granting Association for Finance Professional serving Families and Private Clients. One of the benefits it provides to senior Members is assembling Thought Leaders with expertise in a specific domain of financial services. They publish articles to offer PWFO Members guidance and insight in their field of expertise.

This month, we are delighted to welcome Daniel Ahlers as the newest member of our program. Keep an eye out for his insightful posts and articles on our platform. Here's a brief introduction to Daniel:

Daniel Ahlers is a Certified Professional Integral Coach®, experienced facilitator and a Managing Partner and Director of both the Centre for Coaching (Switzerland) and CfC Consulting (Europe). He is originally South African and works in both English and French.

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In case you missed our March posts, here's a recap: 



Spotlight: Kwevris Assessoria Ltd

 We are happy to welcome one of our newest members - Maria Amaral. Maria has shown great interest in our articles and as she says in her testimonial: 'These posts brought to my mind WHY I started my company, and the Gold Circle Concept.' 

Maria is the co founder of KWEVRIS, which is a Brazilian company that operates in the B2B market, focusing on investments in Brazilian fine wines and the development of climate-controlled wine cellar projects for yacht. Builder of a distinguished brand, with bold ambitions, challenging the status quo with imagination and creativity, aiming to deliver innovative solutions with new strategies for the nautical and Brazilian fine wine market, converting the ordinary into something meaningful.


Apprentice Program

The overwhelming enthusiasm of participants in our first 2023 program, which is quickly becoming an "Empowered Career & Entrepreneurship Launchpad," has led us to plan our second 2023 offering. It's an excellent opportunity to recruit quality employees who are job-ready from day one.


If you're interested in having trainees work on your projects or assist you, ultimately becoming suitable candidates for recruitment, contact us for a chat at [email protected].

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