Newsletter 2 - March 2023


PWFO is a members-benefit,designation-granting Association for Finance Professional serving Families and Private Clients. One of the benefits it provides to senior Members is assembling Thought Leaders with expertise in a specific domain of financial services. They publish articles to offer PWFO Members guidance and insight in their field of expertise.

The Thought Leaders came together to review the progress of the programme and concrete suggestions were put forward on how to get more engagement from the participants: a WhatsApp group and a LinkedIn group.

It was further suggested that we E-meet every quarter.

This month we welcome Denise Pitot as the newest member in our program. Watch out for her posts and articles on our platform. 

Here is a short introduction of Denise:

Denise is an avid networker, having been introduced to the concept around 20 years ago through being a chairman of the local chamber, a founding member of a network and having volunteered in various positions of networking groups which have placed her in an ideal situation to be able to guide others on their network journey.

Denise is a mom of 3 children, grandmother of 1. She, her husband and then 5 year old daughter moved to Mauritius 5 years ago to enjoy an island lifestyle. In addition to the business network, they now also have a flourishing estate agency which enables them to assist people whether they are wanting to enter the business environment of Mauritius, or to enjoy the warm balmy waters and the island hospitality upon retirement.

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For those who did not get the chance to read our February posts, here they are:

The Big Banks are no longer the engine of high street growth having decided the Wall Street model can better deliver short term results.

We know what the problem is and that we need a financial system that is fit for the 21st century. So how do we get Banks to support Entrepreneurs, Local businesses? Get them to revert back to the old model of relationships focused bank rather than being vendors.

How? History has taught us that many changes happened only when Citizens decided to do something about it: - Apartheid, Women's Right to Vote, Civil Rights and others."

How to get a financial system that is fit for the 21st century! - Read the complete post

Is capital money creating value for citizens? 

Competition vs Collaboration!

The biggest problems of society can only be solved by finance.

Entrepreneurs Wanted!!



PWFO - Swiss Certified launches the Apprenticeship Program

PWFO is pleased to announce that we are embarking on a new program. We have already welcome five apprentices who will follow a 12-week program with PWFO. During these 12 weeks, they will work in teams and learn how to develop a business plan, using one of the business ideas provided by PWFO or following their own business idea. We wish them good luck and look forward to welcoming more members in the program. 

The Swiss Association supporting professionals joining and navigating the blue ocean that is Private Wealth & Family Office services. 


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