Was our destiny simply to expose financial deceit? Or to act on it?

It is all well and good to talk and write, but it is action that matters most.

Many believe we can defend the wealth of those who have it, assist others in creating new wealth, uphold financial transparency, and champion ethical wealth services. The only answer to this question lies in taking action.

Was our destiny simply to expose financial deceit?

Exposing it is not enough - how do we prevent it?

Do we resort to a French approach? A coup d'etat? Do we follow the path of Occupy Wall Street?

Or should we continue to write well-researched articles that merely echo within our own circles?

Is our interest purely academic: the research and report just theoretical or historical?

We can most strenuously object to the current system. But why would the powers-that-be – the ones who own and control the political, corporate, and banking systems – even consider change? Their decisions will continue to be driven by their own profits, not the need to allocate capital effectively to those who truly need it.

I decided, for better or worse, that I would dedicate my life and encourage others to innovating finance to countervail the current structure and enhance people’s control over the corporates, specially the banks.

I figured that we needed more advocates for change. Using the reality that "It is about the economy, stupid!" I invested part of my savings to train those who can understand wealth creation and protection for private individuals, families, and local communities.

Imagine empowering independent actors of change to become 'Champions of the Local Economy', to instigate a transformative shift in our financial ecosystems, emphasizing well-being. These champions would engage with local chambers of commerce, government bodies, councilors from all parties, environmental activists, and elected deputies. They would act as protectors and guardians for private clients, families, and local communities.

Their role would go beyond raising awareness. They would engage with banks, money managers, and large corporations operating locally, advocating for tangible actions that improve financial and emotional well-being. They would introduce an 'impact rating' system assessing the economic contributions and well-being outcomes these entities bring to the local community. This rating system would reward entities that contribute positively and enact disciplinary measures when necessary.

Through this multi-pronged approach, leveraging FinTech, we can create alternative local economies, backed by government agencies, universities, and NGOs. These economies would prioritize both financial stability and well-being, showing they can be nurtured symbiotically.

So let's turn our words into actions.

For all who yearn for a fairer, more equitable financial system, it is time to make a stand. It is time to invest in our local economies, promote financial transparency, and champion ethical wealth services.

Let all who want change come together.

Now is the time to make change happen.


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