Us and the truth!

Over the course of 2018, we discussed how humans became the domineering power on earth. We had the “God reason” and the “there is no God” reason. Whatever the reason the reality is the world we have created and we now live in – that is reality.

Whilst the successes of the civilisations humans built can be appreciated, we also know that we have to act now and make a decision to change course:

  • A) do we
    • i) close ourselves inside our tribes instead of looking at each human as part of one race,
    • ii) do we leave the state of the world be sorted by the next generation, and iii) do we continue to daydream and not think and plan.


  • B) Do we cultivate the one good thing that nobody can take away – “love” –
    • i) love of the stranger
    • ii) love of our children and
    • iii) love for the truth. 

What do you think?

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