Time Passes!!!!

James Dean, died in the way legend needs some of its heroes to succumb; young and boldly. He was a talented racing driver as well as a screen idol and the end came when his speeding Porsche Spyder convertible crashed as he zoomed to get to a race in Salinas, California.
He was already one of the biggest stars in Hollywood at the tender age of 24.
He only made three films and each was a blockbuster: East of Eden, Giant, and, most famously, Rebel without a Cause.
The man who wrote the screenplay for Rebel without a Cause — the classic film of teenage disillusionment and discontent - was Stewart Stern.
After the funeral he wrote to Dean's parents and reflected upon the tragic loss of their son, his friend. He found consolation in the life that Dean had embraced every moment of. He had lived fully in his few years and this was a lesson. He told them:

‘From Jimmy I have learned the value of a minute. He loved his minutes and I shall now love mine.’
And the minute hand ticks by even as you read this.
Every day it circles the clock 1,440 times
How many of those minutes will you value?
Every year it swings by another 500,000 times.
Each of them is yours. How many of them will you love?

Copied from The Little Book of Thinking Big by Richard Newton 
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