The Untold Story of Money: Saving and Financial Control.

There is a significant lack of discourse on the importance of saving money. Society often promotes a culture of excessive consumption—bigger houses, luxury cars, designer clothing, the latest tech gadgets. Many of us are encouraged to spend beyond our means, while the fundamental principle of wealth creation is to consistently spend less than we earn.

There is a common illusion that we can achieve financial security simply by entrusting others to manage our finances. This misplaced trust often leads to a mindset where we funnel our hard-earned money into the pockets of the already wealthy.

The primary purpose of PWFO is to protect and grow the wealth of individuals, families, and small communities. We seek to offer a radical departure from traditional practices in the wealth services industry. Our approach is centered on values-based decision-making and client-centric services, promoting a balanced work-life approach, and fostering an environment that supports personal growth.

So, how do we achieve this?

PWFO advocates for the role of the Independent Financial Controller of Wealth (IFCW)

—a professional equipped with the skills and knowledge to add value to private wealth. This role is a vital component of wealth services for private clients and families. To ensure standards, we also support a certification process for portfolio and investment performance evaluation.

By creating this new model, PWFO offers a sustainable alternative to the conventional high-pressure, high-stress financial industry. Our mission is to make financial control a proactive and empowering aspect of our clients' lives, and in doing so, redefine what 'value' truly means in the financial world.

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