The plane lesson!

Once you get the financial independence oxygen, help others to also become independent.
How to stay financially independent!
1. There are very nicely designed clothes/shoes/watch that cost 50-70% less than a luxury brand!
Do not blow your hard earned money on luxury brands!
If you won the lottery then do blow it on making the German car makers filthy rich!
2. The plane or a $15.000 car will also take you as well to the destination!
Travelling comforts last a few hours while financial independence is for life!
Run a good practical car and travel economy. You will enjoy your travel rather than checking if others have noticed you in business class or driving the expensive car!
3. Treat yourself and go and spend a week in a converted mansion or castle!
But do not buy one because mansions are money pit. Once you buy one, it becomes your love life 100%

Financial Literacy leads to financial security then to financial independence.

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