The history and future of the legal profession

Jul 10, 2020

Legal experts have existed since the days of ancient Greece and Rome. And today we find them everywhere.

Conventional lawyers have their roots in the 7th century when the practice of law became a real profession due to the knowledge, skills, and expertise needed. We can agree that law firms are in fact professional services organizations.

Even before Covid-19, Like all professions, the legal profession also was already going through a destructive reconstruction that will significantly alter careers of lawyers creating uncertain prospects for those starting their careers.
The paradox is that post COVID-19 the demand for legal services will explode but most will not be able to afford to pay.

Predicting the role of lawyers in the future is not difficult. Some interesting trends will shape the way lawyers deliver services in the near future. A future that started when robots took over the law firm. That was a decade ago!

A brief overview shows the past and present future of lawyers.

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