The Good Life

In the relentless surge of messages we encounter daily, a multitude of sources - from sagacious individuals, influential figures, spiritual leaders, sacred texts, media outlets, to political voices - try to steer us towards what they deem beneficial. They suggest paths we should follow, promising investments, and religious or political affiliations to embrace.

Our conventional education system champions a journey towards 'success', urging us to accumulate qualifications, secure lucrative employment, and scale the corporate hierarchy - all gauged in monetary terms. Much of this rhetoric focuses on the pursuit of fame, wealth, and happiness.

However, at the heart of existence, life is about preserving our physical and spiritual health, nurturing our loved ones, experiencing and sharing love, and ultimately, creating a meaningful legacy. These elements are the pillars that give us purpose, providing direction & meaning. A life without purpose can often lead to feelings of frustration and despair. Many of us, myself included, end up engaging in numerous activities when we should focus on that singular mission we are destined for on earth.

Many of us spend years on a quest to discover our purpose.

To lead such a life, we must nurture a sense of calm and maintain emotional equilibrium. It is about not wearing our emotions on our sleeves and accepting life's unfolding narratives, all while purging ourselves of unnecessary emotional burdens.

Crucially, as we progress, we observe a transformation in our emotional landscape. It isn't about ceasing to feel, but rather experiencing fewer negative emotions. We spend less time longing for things to be different and more time appreciating things as they are.

A newfound tranquility starts to emerge, a calmness we may not have previously known. As we continue on this journey, we will encounter sporadic bursts of joy. Acceptance then finds a home within us - acceptance of who we are, the life we are living, and the world we inhabit. Consequently, it is imperative that we reshape the narrative surrounding the attainment of success.

Success is a multifaceted concept, perceived differently by individuals and often quantified by standards such as the amount of wealth acquired, awards won, or recognition received.

While maintaining a decent income is necessary for stability and meeting our needs, the metric of success should evolve beyond mere numbers. For too long we have equated success with wealth accumulation or the company they keep.

Can we transition from merely evaluating success on assets or income, to fostering an understanding from a young age about the importance of making substantial contributions to the world. It is time to inspire individuals to gauge their success on the sustained contentment they will experience when they create a positive impact.

This balance between personal well-being and societal contribution should be the true measure of a successful life.

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