The biggest problems of society can only be solved by finance.

Whether you agree or not the reality is that sustainable growth is required to meet the challenges the world face. To revert back to a period of sustainable growth, a financial system needs to foster inclusion, investment, access to credit and support for people when they retire, while promoting efficiency and protecting against systemic risks.
This is true for large sections of both the western economies and the emerging markets.

However, the current financial system is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

The Assertion is that most end-users are no longer getting the right answers they seek about their finance from the current financial system.

So what’s to be done?
There are many working diligently to tackle the problem and make finance deliver to more.

It is the sum of all these initiatives that will bring banking back to backing the real economy. Nobody underestimates the structural reforms required in the banking sector to achieve that.

Why would the central power that own and control the banking systems change ? Their decisions concern their own profits, not the need to allocate capital effectively to those who really need it.

One route to be considered is for similar minded citizens to come together with the will to create a movement able to challenge the Bankers & Money Managers and encourage them to change. The language they understand is money.

So the movement will use the money that citizens own but have been appropriated by the system and being used to enrich the already wealthy.

That is what I am working on.
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