Switzerland: the story of its success!

Studying successes and failures is important to build a road map to attain one's objective. At Country Level, I have been fortunate to have lived in 3 countries with varying successful periods: Mauritius, England, and Switzerland.

Switzerland is the one with the most sustainability in its success.  Its citizens have lived peaceably and productively together for more than 800 years. Living and working there since 1990 I have tried to understand the reason for its success.

What I found is that if there is one reason for Switzerland's success then it is the wisdom of its people from politicians, religious leaders, and the population. What these rulers and populations did over decades were to take a series of measures that engaged as a whole made the modern country we know.

Without any natural resource, it has carved a niche and project a mostly positive image to the world.  
How? I have listed 6 of the reasons that I will elaborate on in the next couple of posts. These are:
1.  National Spirit. 
2. Free market.
3. Global Trade.
4. Direct democracy (referendums).
5. Strong work ethic.

Any “reason(s)” I have missed.

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