Switzerland for Financial Security

Jul 20, 2020

Switzerland is among the best countries globally for the financial security of its citizens.

This mindset is in the DNA of the nation from the Federal Government to the Local councils and the private citizens. Switzerland has one of the highest, if not the highest Gross financial wealth per adult.

One way of understanding this Swiss preoccupation is to look at its the Swiss pension system.

Swiss pension has three pillars to ensure financial security for people in Switzerland in their old age, in the event of disability and in death cases. The pension model is one of the most reliable in the world. It has proven its merits over many decades, and it dates back to 1948.

This three-pillar system has been enshrined in the Federal Swiss constitution since 1972. It is based on the interaction between state protection of basic livelihood, occupational benefits insurance (which includes employers), and tax-privileged private pension provision. The Swiss pension system is a key supportive factor in the social and financial security of people living in Switzerland.

Be like the Swiss Pension system: Reliable.

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