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What is networking and why do we need to do it?
Well, it is not to meet the most people as possible, it is to get close to potential prospects and try to connect, build confidence, and stay in touch.  It is directly linked to our livelihood.

There are enough books, blogs, and articles written on the subject and, unless you are already a star performer in networking, pick up a few good articles on-line and apply the advice.

But here are my few tips: 
What to do at a Networking event?
If seated go round, say hello to each. Give your card and pick up a card. Look at the name tag.
Smile and look at people in the eyes and you will be surprised how many will come to you.
"Listen" when somebody talks to you.
Name Tag
Look at the list of attendees and how other name tags have been filled.
Just first name. Or title with Company Name.
Is there somebody you would like to meet.
Plan your networking.
Treat it like any business objective.
Sit down and plan the networking effort you are looking into. Building a strong network is just like any other goal. It needs an action plan outlining: who is looking to connect with. More important is how do you plan to do it.
Be selective about which event you go to.
I have not found The Professional Association events worthwhile. The core Members tend to go there and gang up and treating it like a social club. The members go there for lunch or a drink.
Types of events.
1. Breakfast Networking
2. Industry-Specific Speaking Engagements
3. Roundtable Events
4. Happy Hour Networking Meetups
5. LinkedIn Groups
There are experts in networking who have will guide you on how they succeeded. Look out for them not the Google Experts. But whoever you pick to learn from, do not become knowledgeable without an action plan. Be sure you know how to master each piece of advice you will have read.
Good networking.

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