Secrets to reaching your financial security destination?

JUNE 2021 

How to Reinvent Yourself Professionally

This last year's revolution has allowed us, especially professionally, to establish new standards and think outside of the box in many aspects of life.

If you hunt for ways to go out of the box, you have 10 recommendations for professionally reinventing yourself:


Leave what is physically and emotionally unnecessary. You notice what you feel when you leave the old T-shirts or negative self-talk.


Change your routine. 

Great change begins with a tiny shift in life, and the creation of new pathologies in the brain does not take much. Take a new way home from work, for instance.


Get uncomfortable. 

Move your baby's steps outside your comfort area. It's embarrassing and uncomfortable to eat alone in a restaurant, but it also empowers me to move outside of my comfort zone in another way.


Write your narrative.

Who do you want to become? Be honest. Express yourself creatively. Brainstorm a vision plan, make a collage, or create a song.


Embrace failure. 

Failure is a natural and necessary part of growing and developing. One of my favourite quotes is, “If you’re not failing, you’re not innovating” by Elon Musk.


Recognize resistance. 

Our nature is to seek the path of least resistance. Noticing how I am resisting change is a huge step forward.


Seek a mentor. 

Who in your life has the character and skills you’d like to emulate? How did they get to where they are today?


Be open. 

You will get any opportunities outside our expectations. Take advantage of possibilities right in front of you that match who you are. 


Contextualize your profession. 

Every trade and profession teaches skills (such as leadership, communication, and organization skills) that can cross over into other professions. What transferable skills have you developed in your current or previous profession?

What small step will you take today towards reinventing yourself professionally? 😀


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Bonus tips ✔😃: Steve Jobs’s 10 Principles to Success  

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Secrets to reaching your financial security destination?

🕵Secrets of reaching your financial security destination?


*Financial security refers to the peace of mind felt when you are not worried about money. 💲


1. Understand money and how to produce it? 🧠

The most common and easiest way of producing money is by getting a job!


2. Saving enough of the “money” you produce to last your lifetime. 🛑

It is winning the daily combat of “wants” vs “needs”.


3. Protecting that saved money. ⛔

Savings are permanently under threat from the establishment, avaricious vendors, and professional thieves.


4. Making that money keep pace with inflation and contingencies. 💊

Become financially literate and entrepreneur-minded.


I wish you a safe journey to your financial security destination 🙌😃


  • The Wealth Game - (Mapping) Your Journey to Financial Security Program coming soon.
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Thank you and stay safe.


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