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Private Wealth & Family Office - Swiss Certified (PWFO) is driving a shift in the financial industry, aligning with the values and expectations of younger generations entering the workforce. With a focus on meaningful work, flexibility, and autonomy, PWFO and the designation Independent Financial Controllers of Wealth (IFCW) offer a fresh vision for banking and wealth management.

PWFO nurtures an environment where young professionals can thrive without sacrificing their values. In response to the industry's shift from a client-centric approach to a vendor mentality, PWFO emphasizes personalized, relationship-based solutions.

As such we have devloped an apprentice program to get your professionals job ready or empower them to start their own business.

Our program emphasizes real, hands-on experiences, facilitated through a modern e-learning framework. Yet, it is designed to ensure technology complements, not dictates, your learning curve.


To the future changemakers, the torchbearers of innovation, and the dreamers of a brighter tomorrow, PWFO extends its hand, inviting you to script your success story.

Your journey towards greatness begins here. Let us co-author it!

To find our more: Write to [email protected] and mark it - ""Boosting my Future"".

Professionals in the sector can benefit from a balanced work-life approach, values-based decision-making, and client-centric services. PWFO is setting a new standard for success by endorsing ethical practices, transparency, and sustainable growth.

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The Swiss Association supporting professionals joining and navigating the blue ocean that is Private Wealth & Family Office services. 


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