PWFO - teaching is about the teacher, and coaching is about the student.

The central education system most of us follow is based on the one the department of education of the country you live in has put in place. While modern mass education has served its purpose and continues to take millions out of poverty, it was thought of and built to meet challenges of a time gone by.

Over time a "STEM" based curriculum has become the preferred choice of most nations. STEM is basically to encourage students to focus on these following four specific disciplines science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Over the last 50 years, the percentage of students taking liberal arts degrees have reduced to a trickle. This is because our children and we were discouraged from pursuing their passions due to less perceived prestige and lower paying job opportunities.

Just like climate change, we just need to see what is happening around the world to know it is happening. Just like no charts or statistics are required to prove climate change, we can see that our society is less humane as fewer study arts and humanities to make us understand and appreciate others through their religion, culture and their arts and literature.

While the thinkers of the world department of education wrestle with what a new curriculum for our modern world should be, we cannot wait. Let us take our destiny and fill in the gaps ourselves.

How? This is where informal education comes in. It can be after-school programmes, local community events, family driven, or coaching. 

Though it started mainly from the sports profession but over the last 200 years, coaching has evolved into a whole industry covering every aspect of life: career; finance, health, marital…

Coaching is more focused on a definite discipline. It is not teaching but rather an ongoing interaction that follows feedback from a course that was delivered. It can be individual or group.

A good coach can accelerate your route to your goal. (no pun intended!).

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