PWFO – learning: AI, robots, algorithm and jobs

As a Chartered Accountant in financial services, I invested time in continuous learning. I made technology my friend be it the mechanical calculator to the electronic one. Then with the arrival of the spreadsheet, database, and intelligent business tools, I was able to deliver more accurate data faster and was able to project ahead.

Management, CEOs, the Board, Banks owners loved it, and I got promoted when in employment and was handsomely paid when running my Family office practice.

Now with AI, Robots, and algorithm, it is said: "they are already here, your job is next." Watch the clip:

However, the reality is that nobody can be sure about the future.

History has shown that technology has been good at creating new exciting and better-paying jobs; destroying low-skilled job.

So the challenge is to continuously look at innovating, at being trained and formed so each one can move up to higher value jobs. One should not wait for the decision to be made by others in the value chain but by oneself.

So the future is in our hands. Rather than running and shouting like the actor in the film, go for continuous learning and innovating.

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