PWFO – knowledge is free – take what you need.

Matching one's full-time occupation for full reward is a significant challenge in most walks of life. At any given time, a high percentage of employees are looking to change jobs. On the other hand, in surveys ran by McKinsey, 75% of companies said they had insufficient quality employees sometimes and all said they were chronically short of talent across the board. (Out of our minds by Sir Ken Robinson).

When it comes to professional development, most employees will not trust employers to provide adequate training. Employers are reluctant to invest in developing in-house talents for fear will likely benefit the competition.

So how to solve this mismatch: employees could take their learning needs in hand as knowledge is free and is there to be taken. 

But a change in one's career/life will only happen if :

1) one is enthusiastic about it. Unless one is interested in improving oneself and attaining success, no amount of seminars or reading will change anything.

2) one decides to take action. Nothing will happen until one act upon that change one desires.

3) Patience. Nothing can happen overnight. Success like many things in life takes time. Small steps at a time. Pursuing career success is a marathon. Not a sprint.

Decide on the change you desire, go it alone or find your life coach and make the change happen.

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