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The mainly capitalist system that most of us know is showing signs of weaknesses. The investor class enjoys ever increasing return whilst others see their own labour decline. As this sense of unfairness and growing inequality create tension and political extremism, many, specially the youth with fewer promising jobs, question the current model and doubt the institutions will look out for them.

As education took millions out poverty, financial literacy to all from the bottom up will lead to more wealth being created.

Those at the lower end of the system needs “financial education more as low-income consumers must make complex financial decisions even more frequently than middle- or high-income consumers, given their smaller operating margins and their limited and irregular incomes.”

A study carried out by “United Nations Capital Development Fund” “Making Access to Financial Services Possible initiative” found that “In Lesotho and Swaziland, many workers forfeit up to 40% of their income because of burdensome loan repayments. Indebtedness in the informal consumer market is often an indicator not only of poverty, but also of limited financial literacy.”

Financial literacy will allow more not to let expenditure exceed revenue which then reduces indebtedness. It is when all specially the young ones have something to look forward to that they will participate to improve our world.

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