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A tutor imparts education, whereas an individual learns from his surroundings. Learning is knowledge gained through experience, and education is knowledge gained through teaching. Education can be said to be well organised, whereas learning is related to an individual's perception. (ResearchGate).

 The traditional teaching methods are reaching their limits in most developed countries. As internet accesses pass the 50% mark, the majority of new users of online facilities will be from the developing world. This will accelerate the already speeding changes taking place in all facets of life. The new users will change the internet, and the internet will change them. (The Economist).

We can either agonise about the upcoming changes or accept that it is unlikely we can prevent these changes from affecting our lives anyway. So let us make sure we and get our children, to build on the literacy and numeracy we gained from our formal education. Our children and we must now learn how to analyse information and ideas; generate new ideas ourselves, and implement them; learn to communicate clearly and work well with our network, at work, and off work. (Sir Ken Robinson)

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