Professional Career Development: How to choose the best course for your future?

How to choose the best course for your future?
How to choose the best course for your career or your business?
The best way of knowing somebody is to get him to answer these 5 questions:
1. Who are you?
2. What are you good at?
3. What do you do?
4. What would you prefer to do if you do not like what you are doing?
5. What would you like to leave as a legacy?

For each answer, you get, ask: Why?
Keep digging and you will discover yourself. It may sound strange. "Of course I know myself!"

The reality is that you have been modeled by the system. Now you will discover your true self.
Over the years I have found that the answers to these 5 questions allow me to have a pretty good idea of the person in front of me, what he is doing, and even have a good idea of what he should be doing. Often I refrain myself from telling them so as not to break a friendship or telling a new contact that he is wasting his life away.
Why am I telling you this concerning the question: "How to choose the best course for your career or your business?"
Well until you know yourself until you know what your passion is, what you will be tempted to do is what you have brainwashed over the years to do. It is to perpetuate a system that is not working for many.
That passion must be the reason for your course and your future career. What is the point of it all if not for happiness? Not money or any gains but to love whatever it is you do or will end up doing for a living.
Only then you start digging in the other considerations:
1. Where? which is now changing considerably post-pandemic anyway.

2. Costs?

3. Your availability if you are already in occupation?

4. How long are you willing to invest?

5. Look beyond the prospectus and all the get rich flyers?

Go back to your 5 questions and see that it fits.
All the best in your choice.

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