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With acknowledgement to G.E. Miller

What if…

… personal finance was taught in school so that all children could have an example of the right things to do versus modelling the wrong ones based on the current model which seems to be stalling?

…what if parents struggling with looking after their loved ones, young and old, with  spending and debt could challenges easily get free advice from someone who had previously overcome those problems?

…the rich entrepreneurs among our communities with empathy for others could sit and talk with someone who had worked hard their entire life, but still struggle because of bad luck and harsh realities or sheer pressure of the consuming world?

…hundreds of millions of present and future world citizens could more easily discuss and learn how to consume less and save more so that they could live richer, fuller lives?

We would all benefit. Wasteful consumption habits will plummet, this weill reduce our burden on the environment and boost personal savings rate go far beyond the measly 1st world average of 5%, one of the causes of wealth gap. Our debts will plummet. Our retirement prospects will become much more realistic. More important our youth will be more likely to make the right financial moves instead of the wrong ones.

The Swiss Association supporting professionals joining and navigating the blue ocean that is Private Wealth & Family Office services. 



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