Private Wealth and Family Office Association – a new beginning!

Uncategorized Aug 08, 2019

About 20 months ago I started writing this weekly blog. I was facing a void in my life that raised fundamental questions about one’s existence. Though well supported, still I felt completely loss after what had been a successful professional career.

My regular writings became my “write” do not “fight” motto. For many of you who actually read my posts and have often commented, you may have noticed that I am not a professional blogger often writing about seemingly unconnected things.  

I wrote because I wanted to better understand life, redefine a purpose in this stage of my life.

Well I think that these writings and the many feedback, encouragements and support I got helped me to decide what to do to accept life as it had become.

It led me to a new project - a start-up in Training and Formation with a focus on E-Learning.

You may have read clues in the last 3 blogs when I started hinting Financial Security for individuals and families and made connection to the World Economic Forum and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Having had a financially successful career, I concluded that I would use what I have learned over the years to be successful in my profession and share it with others. Therefore I decided to put my efforts in creating a fair order knowledge community of members joining forces to become protectors of private clients and families by providing services that incorporate Swiss Standard and United Nations Sustainable Goals in wealth creation, protection, growth and succession planning.

So I set up Private Wealth and Family Office Association (PWFO), and from now on my posts will be about what PWFO stands for.

I do hope you continue to follow me and read my posts and comment as you have been doing but I will understand if you do not want to receive these posts promoting PWFO.


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