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A financial advisor is a professional who earns his living by providing financial advice or guidance. Financial advisors specialise in different services: The may work as an independent agent or may be employed by a larger financial firm. As the term "financial" indicates – an advisor will use his expertise to assist clients in their decisions related to money, personal finances, and investments.

The label "financial advisor" is not regulated whilst the services they end up providing my fall under a supervisory body in the jurisdiction they provide their services.

Here are some examples of financial advisors: Stockbrokers, insurance agents, tax preparers, investment managers, financial planners, estate planners, and bankers.

Like many liberal professionals, Financial Advisors have also been taken by the greed of the Wall Street "sales" mindset and been tempted to become products salesperson, such as a stockbroker, a life insurance agent, and in cases bankers and asset managers.

The Private Wealth & Family Office Association defines a financial advisor as a well-educated, certified, experienced, financial professional;  part of an Association with a strict code of ethics and conduct, who is continuously learning and sharing his knowledge with his clients, works on behalf of his clients as opposed to serving the interests of a financial institution.

The PWFO Association commits its members to stay independent and to never making investment decisions.

To tell clients the truth.

The Swiss Association supporting professionals joining and navigating the blue ocean that is Private Wealth & Family Office services. 



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