Orlando's Triumph: The Case for Independent Financial Control of Wealth to change Finance.

What is the best way to predict the future?

It turns out a playful cat named Orlando may have a better track record than some professional wealth managers. This is not a joke; it was an actual contest held by the UK Observer in 2012. Investment managers picked what they believed to be the best-performing stocks while Orlando, the cat, randomly chose stocks from a list by tossing his favorite toy mouse. The result? Orlando won.

The professionals involved had leveraged their years of investment experience and traditional stock-picking methods, while Orlando had simply followed his feline instincts. JACOB GOLDSTEIN, who reported on the article, concluded: "once you factor in elements like management fees and transaction costs, actively managed mutual funds that aim to outperform the market often end up performing worse than index funds that passively track the overall stock market."

The moral here isn't to trust your investments to a cat. Instead, it underscores the importance of taking charge of your financial future and not relying on wealth managers or financial planners to make you wealthy. If they could indeed predict the future, would they need your money to grow their wealth?

Remember that the only certainty in life is uncertainty. Therefore, prepare for the unexpected and secure your financial future in the most reliable way possible. Spend less than you earn, certainly no more than 4% of your net worth, and clearly define your financial goals. Use professional advisors paid by you to assist in specific areas of your choice, but never surrender your financial destiny into their hands.

Alternatively, you could try to schedule an appointment with Orlando, the cat... Just remember, he's probably busy with his next round of stock picks.
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