Newsletter 3 - September 2022

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 Are families our best hope to change the world?

Even before Covid-19, many people were crying for the world to be changed for the better, thinking our world was sick. Things are not getting better.

Looking back we know that civilisations were built around institutions and one of these institutions is the family structure. Whether it was among rulers or enterprises, the survivors were often based on kinship.

Before the industrial revolutions, political, economic, and in some cases religious power was concentrated in the hands of families.

Does it make sense to recreate the world "base up" from the family?


PWFO Swiss Certified is a world leading designation-granting, members-benefit Association for Finance Professionals of Families and Private Clients.

A Swiss Certified PWFO enhance the value of clients’ investments by overcoming the inevitable risks, ongoing monitoring & controlling of investments and portfolios, due diligence, costs control and the wise use of specialist software to manage and protect data.
Our Swiss Certified members can recover losses and collect evidence to support any recovery or proceedings.

PWFO has signed an MOU with Armour Intel to form the "Cyber Security and Intel for Wealth Managers and Family Office Association" (CSI).

Armour Intel provides cyber protection of clients' assets against avoidable harm and acts against suspected malicious activity by taking immediate corrective measures to recover losses and collect evidence to support any recovery or proceedings.

The parties are identifying cybersecurity courses and developing workshops so its members can learn foundational skills and security concepts to increase their awareness of information security, data security, and network security.
The members are encouraged to learn how to identify security vulnerabilities, protect against cyber threats and cyber attacks, and implement strategic security measures that improve the cybersecurity of organisations and family offices.

Completion of the flagship course will lead to membership of the Association "Cyber Security and Intel for Wealth Managers and Family Office".


The Swiss Association supporting professionals joining and navigating the blue ocean that is Private Wealth & Family Office services. 



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