Networking with passion make a big difference.

To help you up to develop more passion in your networking, here are some tips that are given by Itzik Amiel

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1.  Give your Attention
Your ability to show another person you want to help them is definitely an important part of building your passion attitude.

2.  Share or Die
Share information on the answer to the question ‘Why you do what you do?’; talk about the experiences that led you to your successes in life; share about things you like to do.

3.  Groom or Broom
Your outfit may alter how you approach and interact with other people.

4. Passion in internal networking
If you are interested in other people, show them your passion, they will keep ‘paying’ you back with devotion and passion for their work.

5. Harness Your Passion as a Networking Strategy
Passion is an energy that works with all feelings and emotions.

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