Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start….

When I first began my network journey, I had no idea the profound impact it would have on my life. How the repeated exposure to businessmen and women who had years of experience would affect my personal growth and lead me to being the owner of my very own business network with almost 400 members, 15 odd years later.

I have always said that no meeting is ever by accident and in my case, I am living proof of that statement, as each interaction along the way has helped me in one way or another to be the business woman I am today. Of course, there’s more to it than just chatting with others, it takes effective networking to yield the results!

Let me explain… There is networking and there is what I advocate, netWORKing. The difference is in how you manage the time spent at an event, mingling with people from various backgrounds and how you nurture and grow those relationships, until they are bending under the weight of the fruits they bear.
Each month as I share with you, on this platform, I’d love to tell you snippets of my journey, pass on some of the secrets about how you too can be a successful netWORKer. Time is short for all of us, so I’ll keep this introduction brief…. You may have noticed that I have already share 2 tips in this short message:

1. netWORK - Ensure you are actively participating in all network events; Prepare, work the room standing, engage, be present, follow up and nurture.
2. No meeting is ever by accident - Never judge the quality of the network opportunity based on the people you meet in the room. They may not be your potential clients, but they could be the conduit that leads you to your best referral ever.
Allow every opportunity that crosses your path to be just that, an opportunity….. for learning and for sharing…. For growth.

Till next time, happy netWORKing Denise PS If you’d like to rub shoulders with some amazing business people, most of whom are based in the tropical island country of Mauritius, you can learn about our upcoming events on our website www.mauritiusbusinessnetwork.com/events.php


Denise Pitot – PWFO Thought Leader for Business Networking


Denise is the founder of Mauritius Business Networking (Mauritius) since 5 years. She is is an avid networker, having been introduced to the concept around 20 years ago


She will be delighted to give a 30 minutes free Q&A interview to deal with any specific question you may have.



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