It is not only about money

When we say it is not only about money: do we mean it?
In a recent post I I had confirmation from many that Wealth is not about money. Many agreed with what Jack Raines (a blogger who writes about money) says: "that Wealth also include Knowledge, Time, Health, Relationships, and Experiences."
But is that really what we believe or do we say it is not about money because it is groupthink?
Maybe it is not our fault because we cannot get away from money as hard as we may try.

How Money Became the Measure of Everything? By Eli Cook published in the Atlantic is a good read to understand how we are in this mind-set. The link is in the commentary below the post..

The measure of a country’s success is money - economic activity and it in embellished by being called Gross National Product, Gross Domestic Product, GDP per capital, McDo Index. All are in fact monetary measures.

The truth is that all these measures are what have been accepted by IMF, the World Bank and Governments. These measure drive decisions. But though these measures are outmoded, we do not seem to be able to replace them with any new acceptable Index.

Valiant efforts are being made by many - economists, entrepreneurs, campaigners! They are saying measuring happiness, health of a nation, climate change, resources left in the planet are what should become the new measures.

But it appears to be an uphill struggle for many reasons: the lobbies of big businesses, the elite investors, most governments are now plutocracy. So the problem is for the rest not for them.

Is it a lost battle because for the majority Money has become an end in itself?
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