Is money the solution?

To reduce poverty? or is it better through donations like food bank, clothes, tents blankets etc.
There is ample evidence showing that cash transfers have positive impacts on people living in poverty, at least on average. For example, a 17 March 2021 review of 165 studies found that cash assistance tends to increase spending on food and other goods, while also improving education and health outcomes.
This post is inspired by an article written by Steven Vass in the Conversation -
"Why cash payments aren’t always the best tool to help poor people."
But cash still need to be funded. Politicians have difficult choices to make to increase revenues without hurting the poor.

I think focus should be on long-term growth: the best route out of poverty is through a balanced education with empowerment messages. Invest in education directly or indirectly.
Let us act as social economic inequality is a silent pandemic that has and continue to harm humans. There is enough money to reduce poverty. It is a question of raising awareness so more get the will to have a fairer distribution policy.

What is your solution?

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