Individuals and families to change the world.

From the many feedback I got, it seems that many want to change the world for the better, thinking our world is sick. Many have ideas on how to fix it with almost every problem that we face having a solution. There is no shortage of good ideas.

There are too many impassioned speeches or writings without any action plan: what, by whom and when. These “talks” with “no walks” solve no problem because in the end, after the sermon, speech and writing we all go back to our routines.

Any big fundamental change whether it is in our life, work, community, politics require patient and impersonal team-work. It calls for collective minds and efforts involving entrepreneurs, financiers, consumers, marketers, lawyers, accountants and social workers. Change takes time and involves small steps and as Rocky says will imply getting up as many times we fall and we will fall many times.

If we really believe in something that will benefit our inner circle or humanity, let us clear our mind of the romance, the fancy success stories and accept that it will not be pretty but very boring requiring rigour, patience and stubbornness in building walking the walk and building the team. In the end we may have to pass on to somebody else or lose everything we are constructing. But in the end we will look at our life and say we had a good shot at the title!

I have chosen my “movement” (no it is not Gilets Jaunes (also called Gill and John)). Choose yours or support the one closest to your passion. And I do not mean just make an annual donation but get engaged in your “change the world” and “do good” movement. We owe it to the next generations to do something about it.

Keep the comments flowing and share your movements (not charity please) and I will circulate.

I wish you a “support your campaign” or a “start your own campaign" week and keep going with the support of your loved ones.

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