How to make a sustainable, inclusive impact?

In a January 2023 paper, the World Economic Forum lists the crises the world face as:
•   energy, food, climate and nature.
•   new economy and the social contract
•   prevailing industry headwinds and technology futures
•   geopolitical and humanitarian crises.
Governments, United Nations, Businesses are building coalitions to find solutions for these crises.
Unfortunately there are powerful vested interests, misplaced economic incentives which are major drivers of the joint pandemics of obesity, undernutrition and climate change are obstacles.
Indeed this report by the Santa Fe Institute (see the link in the comments) should concern all of us as it points out that:
•   The global interplay of obesity, undernutrition and climate change represents ' The Global Syndemic' and is the greatest threat to human and planetary health, affecting most people in every country and region.
•   Powerful opposition by commercial vested interests, lack of political leadership, and insufficient societal demand for change are preventing action on The Global Syndemic, with rising rates of obesity and greenhouse gas emissions, and stagnating rates of undernutrition.
With these concern the report recommends:
•   New social movement for change and radical rethink of the relationship between policymakers, business, governance and civil society is urgently needed.
•   The Commission calls for a global treaty to limit the political influence of Big Food (a proposed Framework Convention on Food Systems – modelled on global conventions on tobacco and climate change), redirection of US $5 trillion in government subsidies away from harmful products, and advocacy from civil society to break decades of policy inertia
Facing the powerful commercial interests, Governments and world leaders are doing their best (we hope so!).
But what should Private Citizens and Families do to create a sustainable, inclusive impact?
Without Finance the arguments against change will continue to be won by the vested interests: so the problems of the world will not be fixed.
So how can Private Citizens and Families become an economic power to be reckoned with.
By remembering that we are savers AND consumers and the vested interests need us.
Savings and consumption are what make them richer!
One route to be considered is for similar minded citizens to come together with the will to create a movement able to challenge the Bankers & Money Managers and encourage them to change. The language they understand is MONEY.
So the movement will RE-TAKE CONTROL of the money that citizens own but have been appropriated by the system and being used to enrich the already wealthy.
Let us innovate finance.

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