How does the system work?

The invention that launched the Industrial Revolutions was the concept of Capital Markets – the financial plumbing.

GDP just grew taking billions out of poverty. Different variations of how to channel the suppliers of capital (savings and investments) to those needing it principally the entrepreneurs; develop.

From the model, Capitalism prove the most successful and took those that followed its principle to a new height in economic growth because it provides an efficient and innovative economy.

However, technology with globalisation, a succession of financial crises, market abuse, climate change, and now the pandemic have the malicious side of capitalism to the fore.

Can capitalism be reshaped so that it is fit for society, or must society allow the markets to return to the free rein it had as before the pandemic?
The same private citizens who had been refused credits for their ideas, for their businesses, for their needs, have no choice but to come to the rescue of a system that has discriminated against private citizens in favor of big corps and the elite.  

The PWFO course will show you how to defend and protect private and family wealth!

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