Free social media promotional tips

Sep 15, 2020


Whether you are employed or running your business, you must promote yourself online. How? Through social media!

Do I need to convince you that to get more exposure online networking is the way to go? So here some action to take immediately.

This is the most important one:

  • Get your profile to be as clear and appealing as possible.

Any internet search for your name or your profession will lead to your social media profile. That profile is a powerful tool and is in fact your landing page. So whenever somebody searches that profile the first encounter many interested visitors will come across is that profile.

Well, make that first impression a compelling reason for a connection to occur.
Try to have a logo behind your up to date picture.
Spend plenty of time to keep your social media profile bio up to date: check out those you want to emulate. Word it in such a way that the first two sentences become your elevator pitch, with the rest of the profile in “read more”.

  • Take note of the number of characters allowed.
  • Complete the section on hobbies and interests as it can lead to some excellent value connection. Update that also.
  • Look at these fields as an additional place to get some great value and connection
  • Understand the different settings for each social media that will share information with the public, your network, or nobody.
  • Get help from the specialist of that social network as each has different ways to promote.

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