Financial Independence! What is it for you!

Financial independence could be having enough wealth to live a life of comfort without the need to work, or about being able to meet one's financial obligations without financial help from the state, friends, credits, parents, grandparents, or others;

Or Is financial independence just being psychologically prepared to live free, for example by continuously re-inventing oneself to be able to earn a decent living during one's earning life?

In truth, financial independence can mean different things to different people.  
As the World face deepening crisis mostly the consequences of the pandemic, climate change, local wars and the big one going on in Ukraine, where ordinary citizens face suffering that we did not expect to see again in Europe, global geopolitical risks have soared.

"Investors, market participants, and policymakers expect that the war will exert a drag on the global economy while pushing up inflation, with a sharp increase in uncertainty and risks of severe adverse outcomes. (The Federal Reserve)."

Citizens whose priorities in life are health and wealth (here I mean Financial Independence) will also be disturbed because values (inflation) and income are being affected.

But compared to those who are DEPENDENT, these are minor disturbances.

The Financially Independent citizens will survive better than those who are not.

So what is your definition of Financial Independence?
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