ESG vs Impact Investing

Sir Ronal Cohen* polled his followers for their questions about impact investing.
One of his follower: Annie Jiang asked about the difference between "impact investing and ESG".
Difference between ESG and Impact investing by Sir Ronald Cohen:
While ESG and impact investing share the intention to deliver positive impacts, ESG does not rigorously measure its impacts.
Impact investing does.
We turn ESG into impact investment through the addition of rigorous impact measurement."
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* Who is Sir Cohen and what is GSG
Sir Ronald Mourad Cohen has been described as "the father of British venture capital" and "the father of social investment"

The Global Steering Group for Impact Investment
is an independent organisation catalysing impact investment and entrepreneurship to benefit people and the planet.

A registered UK charity since November 2017, the GSG currently has 33 member countries plus the EU. Chaired by Sir Ronald Cohen, the GSG brings together leaders from finance, business and philanthropy to solve some of the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges. #esg #impactinvesting #entrepreneurship #venturecapital

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