Entrepreneurs Wanted!!

Why The World Needs More Entrepreneurs?
For many years, economic growth was responsible in improving the income-generating opportunities of the poor, which has been the most important contributor to the decline in world poverty.
But alas in a new report released in October 2022, the World Bank said higher food and energy prices had hindered a quick recovery after COVID-19 dealt the “biggest setback” to global poverty in decades.
The world is unlikely to meet a longstanding goal of ending extreme poverty by 2030, the World Bank has said, citing the effects of “extraordinary” shocks to the global economy, including the coronavirus pandemic and the war in Ukraine.
With this economic downturn, good paying jobs will diminsh more leading to depressing scenarios. Those fortunate to keep a good job will still be living around friends and family members they love and care for, who are going through difficult times because they have lost their own jobs or their local businesses are affected.
The new normal as everybody adapt will evolve and we do not know if governments both national and local will be able to re-launch the economy and create jobs.

But what about us? We surely still have suficient human survival qualities to find effective ways to help stimulate the economy as an individual. Our ancestors had those qualities, except they have been stamped out over centuries turning us into consumers. We must fight against becoming the useless class as defined by Yuvel Harari.
Even as a consumer, and perhaps unaware, we can adapt our everyday spending to contribute to the economic health of our locality. Spend local - support the local businesses. The Global Brands can take care of themselves!
Let us all become entrepreneur obsessed.
We can either become one and start our own enterprise or find a local entrepreneur and champion him/her with fund or as an investor, a mentor or giving support is kind.
The world needs more entrepreneurs because entrepreneurs have the dreams, the vision, and the courage to change things. In helping society and their communities, building businesses that have a real impact and that make a positive difference in people’s lives.
Businesses that is able to create jobs, to give in charity, to support good initiatives and causes, to innovate and help make the world a better place.
Even if it’s by impacting ONE person at a time through our endeavour, we will have made a change. (Abby El-Asmar)

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